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On-Demand Software Tools to Manage Inventory, Increase Margins, and Operate More Efficiently. 






Higher Margins, More Profits, and Increased Efficiency…No Extra Work

Imagine if you could do nothing but run a few reports to:

  • Capture lost inventory
  • Identify duplicate parts
  • Make smarter buying decisions, and
  • Increase your bottom line – all in an afternoon.

At Truck Parts Premium, we help everyone from parts managers to independent dealerships do just that.

Sound good?

Let’s find out how it’s done…

We Have the Tools

In 2017 we built a database with a simple mission – gather all the OEM and aftermarket truck parts and cross-reference them for compatibility. It was a huge project, and we’re still adding parts month after month. 

But what we soon realized was, through our database of 1.5 million+ parts – we could do so much more than cross-reference one part at a time… 

During that time, the database was fine-tuned to identify indirect crosses – parts that don’t cross-reference to each other but share a cross with another common part. To date we have identified over 30 million indirect crosses and verified over 15 million – a first in the truck parts industry. 

Due to popularity of the product and customer demand, Diesel Laptops quickly developed other services to utilize our growing database of truck parts, which are now bundled into the Truck Parts Premium service:


An advanced feature that allows you to analyze hundreds or even thousands of parts for compatibility. 

Generate a list of cross-referenced parts that will make your job a lot easier! 



Upload your inventory file and identify frozen capital, duplicate parts, and opportunities for increased margins.

A simple and speedy process that anyone can do! 


Part of our advanced platform that allows you to compare two manufacturers. 

Find out which parts match, and most importantly, which parts don’t match. From filters to belts to shocks – we’ve got it all! 



Our newest feature allows you to use our VMRS standard to eliminate human error and standardize your service writing. 

Spot trends, stock popular parts, and produce better reports from your service work. 


Powerful Results…

In a small test at an independent dealership, we uncovered almost $13k in frozen capital, leading to a potential of $26k in savings in just the first year, and over $80k over 5 years. 

Number of Unique SKUs

# Of Parts Manufacturers

Potential Frozen Capital on Shelf ($Dollars)

Potential First-Year Savings ($Dollars)