Feature Showcase: Compare Manufacturers

by | Truck Parts Premium

What is Compare Manufacturers?

The Compare Manufacturers tool inside of Truck parts Premium is designed to help you identify which parts cross between two manufacturers.

We made this tool because several aftermarket manufacturers make and sell compatible parts – as they should! But many times, these duplicate parts can end up on your shelves without you even knowing.

By running a manufacturer comparison, you can only keep the best-selling or most cost-effective products, freeing space in your inventory and earning more profit per part sold.

You can also do some cool things like:

  • Cross reference off-highway and on-highway parts in case you stock inventory for both
  • For clients with mixed fleets, easily locate parts from one brand to another
  • Even cross reference between OEMs to find more compatible parts

Watch this quick video below to learn more about how our comparison tool works.

How Does Compare Manufacturers Work?

The tool uses our unique, in-house database of truck parts to pull our direct cross information from millions of parts in the system. And because they’re all stored inside the database, your parts information gets to you lightning fast.

To date we’ve identified over 15 million parts that cross to each other, and we’re adding new parts every day. In addition, our full-time data team adds parts and verifies new cross-references daily.

Use the data inside the report to make smarter purchasing decisions, eliminate duplicate parts, and so much more. Chances are, you’ll be surprised by some of the cross-references inside your report – our database is updated daily with parts information, allowing you to discover more duplicate parts faster than even the most seasoned parts person!

Just One of Our Powerful Tools

Compare Manufacturers is just one of the powerful tools you’ll find inside our Truck Parts Premium line of tools. When you’re ready to move forward, click the link below to schedule your demo and find out how Truck Parts Premium can help your business succeed.

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