Feature Showcase: Mass Cross

by | Truck Parts Premium

What is Mass Cross?

The Mass Cross Tool inside of our Truck Parts Premium platform allows you to cross-reference thousands of truck parts against our database at lightning-fast speed.

It’s built on top of our insanely powerful (and free) Truck Parts Cross platform, matching your parts with our 1.5 million+ parts database and utilizing our advanced matching capability to make direct and indirect crosses with your parts list.

We made a short video to showcase this feature, check it out below:

How Does Mass Cross Work?

Like many of our other tools, simply upload your parts list spreadsheet to our database. You’ll be asked to match up some parts numbers to make sure your data matches ours, and off you go!

Once you’ve verified all the matches, our powerful engine goes to work cross-referencing all your parts. Within minutes, you’ll receive a report detailing all the crosses found, organized by cross type.

Use the data inside the report to generate competitive bids, make smarter purchasing decisions, and so much more. Chances are, you’ll be surprised by some of the cross-references inside your report – our database is updated daily with parts information, allowing you to find more parts options faster than even the most seasoned parts professional!

Also, during the Mass Cross process, we strip out prefixes, suffixes, and source codes from your part numbers so your parts list will come back with ONLY the true part number remaining. We do this to make sure our database contains each part number only once – giving you a cleaner, more reliable result.

The best part? We do all this in a matter of minutes, vs. the hours or days you’ve spent doing this before.

Direct vs. Indirect Crosses

Inside your Mass Cross report, you’ll find both direct and indirect crosses.

Direct crosses are verified by us. Our seasoned technicians have manually verified each cross by hand – an exhaustive effort! It’s one of the reasons we built the matching software in the first place.

From those direct crosses, we trained our system to map all possible crosses to your part using our advanced matching algorithm, including OEM -> OEM matches as well as Aftermarket -> Aftermarket matches. We call these indirect matches.

Having this data in your arsenal will allow you to submit more competitive bids as well as best utilize the parts already stocked inside your inventory.

Now is Your Chance!

Mass Cross is just one of the powerful tools you’ll find inside our Truck Parts Premium line of tools. When you’re ready to move forward, click the link below to schedule your demo and find out how Truck Parts Premium can help your business succeed.

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