Better Data. More Profit.

Truck Parts Premium is a collection of advanced software tools that allow you and your staff to work faster, buy smarter, and make more money. Learn how all our premium features come together.

Mass Cross

Lightning-Fast Mass Cross

Whether you’re bidding on a new client or seeking out competitive part alternatives, doing a mass cross can take hours or even days of time to complete – and you’re potentially missing out on thousands of parts. Simply upload your spreadsheet to us and we’ll generate a list of crosses in as little as a few hours – freeing up your employees (and you) for more important tasks. 

Master the Bid

Take on more client bids without spending hours or days manually crossing parts. Our parts database does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Better, Faster Results

Speaking of databases, ours is updated daily with parts information, allowing you to find more parts options faster than even the most seasoned parts professional!

Faster Client Service

Surprise new and current clients with your new, streamlined process that saves them precious time and money…step up your service game today!

Inventory Analysis

What’s Hiding In Your Inventory?

Between bosses that demand more margins, constant interruptions from coworkers, and thousands of manufacturer websites to sift through for good deals, it can be a nightmare to manage your inventory – much less find the best parts for your clients. Watch this short video to learn how our Inventory Analysis tool can save you time and money…and make your boss happy too.

Free Up Cash Fast

Identify margin opportunities and reduce your inventory to free up cash and add massive savings to your parts shop.

No Downtime

Run your complete inventory analysis without sacrificing sales or downtime (and without any extra work on your end). Just upload your inventory file and done!

Identify Non-Moving Parts

Harness the power of our cross database to identify not only OEM => aftermarket crosses but also aftermarket => aftermarket crosses.

Compare Manufacturers

Different Manufacturers, Same Parts…

It’s no surprise that truck manufacturers use some of the same parts. What is surprising is how many of those same parts end up on your shelves! Quickly compare any manufacturer against another to gain a competitive advantage, raise prices, and clear inventory for other items to stock.

Mixed Fleet? No Problem

For clients with mixed fleets, easily locate parts from one brand to another – like magic!

Off-Highway, Too!

Our advanced software can even identify crosses to off-highway equipment, allowing your clients to save even more time and money.

Parts Matching

Our powerful database cuts through the noise to match parts between OEMs (we match these parts with aftermarket too) – even if the part numbers have prefixes or suffixes.

Part Number Cleanup

“What’s the part number?!”

The parts world is a confusing place. Everyone has their own naming conventions, so it’s a challenge knowing exactly what’s on your shelves. Luckily, our automated parts cleanup tool makes it easy. Upload your inventory, and we’ll send back the clean database you can use to search your inventory, spot duplicates, and standardize your warehouse.

One Part, One Entry

Save time and money tracking parts – we constantly strive to keep our database clean, which means a standardized, reliable parts list for you and your inventory.

Constant Updates

Our team works around the clock to make sure part numbers are current and updated. On top of that, we’re constantly adding parts as fast as the manufacturers can make them!

Clean as a Whistle

A standardized, clean parts list means less trouble wrangling parts, less duplicates clogging your shelves, and more money in your pocket today.


Complete VMRS Coding for Fleets

A fleet without a standardized process can quickly become a nightmare to manage. Get back on the right foot with our standard VMRS coding solution. Simply upload your parts data and we’ll provide a spreadsheet with standard VMRS data.

Universal Standards

VMRS is used across several industries and is a common language that you and your clients can immediately use to realize a number of benefits. 

Enhance Your Services

Use Truck Parts Premium to offer complete VMRS coding as part of your standard service offering to stand out to prospective clients and easily win more bids.

It’s Time to Move Ahead…

Truck Parts Premium combines several powerful pieces of software so you can elevate your services, win more clients, and save time and money with our modern, advanced data services. Schedule your demo today to learn how we can help your business fly past the competition.