Truck Parts Premium Featured on the Heavy-Duty Parts Report!

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Jamie Irvine, an expert in the heavy duty truck parts world and host of the Heavy-Duty Parts Report has featured Truck Parts Premium on his podcast!

Inside, Jamie covered all the features of Truck Parts Premium, and how it allows parts managers to eliminate unnecessary downtime, lower inventory, and raise margins, all inside the same platform!

Here’s a snippet of what Jamie had to say about our Mass Cross tool, which allows our customers to cross-reference thousands of parts with the push of a button:

Normally, most cross-references only allow you to cross one-part at a time. Some manufacturer’s websites will allow you to cross a few part numbers at a time. Some sites allow you to manually enter up to five-parts at a time.  

That is time-consuming.

With Truck Parts Premium, you can cross thousands of parts by simply uploading an Excel spreadsheet, matching any parts that don’t immediately cross in the system by looking at their descriptions and in a few minutes, you will receive a report emailed to you with all the work done for you.

Not only will you get all of the direct crosses but also you will get indirect crosses where two or more aftermarket numbers cross back to a single OEM part number.

The Heavy-Duty Parts Report

Not only can you cross thousands of parts at once, but you can rely on our massive, lightning-fast database to provide the results you need, quickly. Our team update our database daily with parts information, allowing you to find more parts options faster than even the most seasoned parts professional!

Want to learn more about how to out-pace your competition? Check out all the features of Truck Parts Premium here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Heavy-Duty Parts Report for more insider interviews and insights from industry experts.

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